Manufacturing Services

  • CYAK Handicraft produces yak down garments using majority of the yarn from its own collection. raw material and provides a direct link to the herdsmen in Yushu.
  • By using its own designs or customers’ designs, CYAK Handicraft manufactures high quality yak garments and accessories.
  • CYAK Handicraft manufacturing process enables low volume production with minimum order quantity (MOQ) as low as 7 pieces per design depending on product type and fast turnaround time to customers (as short as 10 calendar days excluding shipping). Such a capability reduces customer financial risks through low inventory management, fast turn new designs, and supply chain optimization.


Our Contract Manufacturing Process:


Select a designcustomer selects one of CYAK Handicraft designs or submit a design. With this design, the customer selects one of CYAK Handicraft product types or request a new product type. With each design, customer specifies dimension and yarn color.

We send you a sample – With CYAK designs and product type, there is no design cost and the sample price is typically same as the reseller price. With customer submitted design, the price of the sample is usually 25% to 100% higher than the reseller price. CYAK needs to invest effort to optimize its production to produce a piece of customer designed product. CYAK will ship a completed sample to customer’s address for approval. This process takes 7 to 14 calendar dates (shipping time excluded).

You approve the sample – after customer receives a sample, the customer inspects whether the sample meets specification. If further adjustment is necessary, CYAK provides up to 2 more rounds of sampling at the same price of the first sample. Once customer is satisfied with the sample, please proceed to Step 4.

You place your order – CYAK or its agent provides customer a formal quotation that includes price per piece, MOQ per design, and production lead time. The quotation is good for 30 days. Customer can specify whether to quote prices in RMB or USD, delivery address, etc. To place an order, customer pays a 40% deposit of the total amount on the quotation to begin production.

Production – upon order approval and receipt of deposit, production begins. When production is complete, CYAK or its agent invoices the customer to remit the balance payment on the purchase order.

Shipment – upon receipt of balance payment from customer, CYAK ships the products F.O.B. to customer address. Customer is responsible for all applicable import tax and duties. In the unlikely event that customer is dissatisfied with either part of or the entire order, CYAK will perform a root cause analysis. CYAK is committed to having satisfied customer and will either remake or refund the customer order.