Why work with CYAK?

If you wish to use 100% natural material to produce a premium garment, you should consider CYAK Handicraft. CYAK sources yak down ethically, a renewable natural resource that promotes sustainable development, from Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau herdsmen. Using natural and renewal material is better for our environment and it creates less waste. Besides being good to people who herd the yaks, the women who produce the garments, CYAK manufactures a premium product for those who want quality.

How to work with CYAK?

Please follow the Manufacturing Services. You decide on the design, select a product category and yarn color, we send you a sample, you approve the sample and place an order, we manufacture and ship you your products. All these is done with low MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY and fast turnaround time to minimize customer’s financial risks.

Why CYAK Handicraft uses its own yak yarn?

In order to achieve our mission, we purchase yak wool directly from the herdsmen of Yushu, Qinghai. To ensure the quality of our yarn, we seek out trusted suppliers to de-hair, wash, and spin the yak down into the finest yak yarn. Through this business process, CYAK enables small business formation, and retains control over its own raw material.

Doesn’t CYAK Handicraft using its own yak yarn makes production cost high?

Our production cost is higher than large factories with high volume. However, CYAK’s specialty is to provide fast turnaround time and low MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY even on custom designs. Customers can decide whether these features are more important than finding a lowest cost producer.

Why CYAK Handicraft only provides so few colors?

CYAK promotes 100% natural and organic fiber usage. CYAK does not want to use synthetic dye because such practice is not good to the environment and perhaps our health. Yaks only come in three main colors, light brown, dark brown, and white (very rare). In the future, CYAK will sort the natural color down into different shades and investigate using natural dye.

How do I know CYAK is using 100% genuine yak down?

CYAK tested its yarn with Intertek,  one of the leading laboratories in the world. If you need to see the test results, please contact us.