CYAK Mission

Sourcing the highest quality yak down to manufacture handcrafted garments and accessories by women from the Qinghai- Tibetan Plateau for the global mid-high end (Bridge) fashion market.

Tsultrim’s story

Mr. Tsultrim, a Tibetan doctor originally from the Yushu interior highlands by the Yangtze River, moved with compassion when he observed the challenges of the Tibetan herdsmen. Choosing to give up his lucrative and respected medical career, he started a social welfare enterprise for their benefit. For more than 10 years, he provided education services, skills and entrepreneurship training to the local farmers and herdsmen and their families. Determined to do even more to serve these people, he began to travel throughout China and northern Europe to explore various self-sustainable models to enable the herdsmen to earn a better living.

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In July 2012, Tsultrim had a chance encounter with Mangxie from Southern China who shared his heart for the Tibetan herdsmen. A self-taught textile artist, Mangxie first began crocheting at a time when interest in the traditional art form was declining in favor of newer and more modern techniques. Undeterred, she pushed forward to learn, master and equip herself to pass on the skills. She had first set foot in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau in 2003, where she lived in a black yak hair tent near Qinghai Lake. There, she observed an elderly woman from the local highlands deftly hand-spinning the soft yak wool into threads. From that moment, Mangxie knew that this land would be part of her destiny.

In October 2014, Tsultrim and Mangxie established Qinghai Norsang Culture Development Ltd. Company and the CYAK Handicraft brand. In 2017, Norsang established a Contract Manufacturing Services to service customers from outside of Qinghai, China.


Ethical sourcing of yak wool

Herdsmen in Yushu (average 4,400 meters high on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau) collect the seeming low value yak wool during spring. By paying herdsmen an above average price, CYAK Handicraft enables them to use their skills and natural resources to earn a living with dignity. Yak wool is a natural, organic, sustainable and renewal resource.

Ethical and Low carbon emission manufacturing

Women owned small businesses around Xining city, located 2,300 meters high on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, produce garments for Norsang. These skillful women use manual machines to produce CYAK Handicraft knitted products. These are not sweat shops but are operated by self- employed talented women. By sub-contracting production to these women, CYAK enables the formation of small businesses to improve lives of women of economic needs. Usage of manual machines further promotes low carbon emission production.